Redesigning The Knot's UX & UI RFQ Mechanism

The Knot Worldwide

Connecting products and services with potential clients requires an effective quoting system. The Knot recognized the need to enhance its RFQ (Request for Quote) mechanism to improve the quality of leads for vendors. Through an in-depth audit and insights from successful quoting systems, we devised a solution to elevate the outdated forms.


Requesting quotes is integral to the matchmaking process for individuals seeking products and services. The Knot implemented a one-step quoting mechanism on vendor storefronts, streamlining the initial conversation. Contrary to the "less is more" philosophy, we aimed to gather more information from users to provide professionals with a richer context, easing their initial workload.


Business Goals:

  • Increase the value of a lead.
  • Assist professionals in closing more leads.

Product Goals:

  • Enhance completion conversion percentage.
  • Improve the quality of leads.


In-depth interviews with vendor volunteers guided our research. Analyzing pro processes and qualitative data revealed baseline information needed for every RFQ. Key observations included varying information requirements for different vendor categories and low response rates due to insufficient information sharing.


  • Couples are willing to share more information for personalized services.
  • More input for customization increases the likelihood of couples completing a quote request.

A New Approach

Recognizing the inadequacy of the existing RFQ model, we opted for a more robust information-gathering system. Adopting a Turbo Tax-like wizard with multiple steps aimed to provide vendors with comprehensive details for generating quick quotes.

High Fidelity

User interviews and prototype testing on InVisionApp informed us that a five-step process was optimal. We developed a flexible, multi-step system tailored to major vendor categories. Specific testing for each category ensured relevant data, streamlining the initial processes for vendors.


The redesign yielded significant results, with a 21% increase in completion conversion percentage and enhanced lead quality. NPS (Net Promoter Score) improved, affirming that couples were willing to share more about their wedding plans. After updating all categories, the platform experienced an 11% lift in completion conversion for other vendor types.

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